Croene and Venrooy depict mysterious images through combinations of piano and digital processing, their personality quite attuned with the uncertainties of the borderline area of “comprovisation”, where every sound is used as a source of spontaneous combustion in pieces ranging from the accumulation of echoing and percussive intrigues – sometimes interrupted by snippets of taped conversation – and Feldmanesque permutations reverberating in the light of a gestural schism. Demonstrating an excellent command of dynamics during repeated interrelationships between spacial analysis and textural rarefaction, these artists gather peculiar rhythms and timbres with easy – but not shallow – musicianship, building linear structures and simple figurations whose main quality is their captivating finesse, which in “Sugar maple” evolves into a potent insight of those sensations that only a deeply resonant mantle of harmonics is capable of eliciting.


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