GENE COLEMAN / RAED YASSIN – The Adventures Of Nabil Fawzi

(Al Maslakh)

In this era of global extermination and progressive incapacity for a direct communication of our mutual feelings – which is absurd considering how powerful the means at our disposal are – a label like Al Maslakh shares an important role with other fundamental discographic realities (such as, for example, Creative Sources), namely the development of a pancultural improvisation lexicon that should always be a necessity, not a coincidence. The meeting between Coleman’s bass clarinet and Yassin’s double bass is a fulgid example of achievement of an excellent result in that sense. Comprising five accomplished duets, this record immediately determines its appeal through its intimate yet enthusiastic character, which gives this music an immediate spotlight for its inherent standards. The struggle for freedom is often defined by the quality of the energies that are put into it; in this occasion, Coleman and Yassin articulate their exchanges with serene consciousness, avoiding generic perceptions to deliver themselves from their own skills, which are enormous but get hold in the background, as opposed to the bright effervescence of a never aggressive communication between the parts. The perfect match between the frequencies of the two instruments is the icing on the cake, with the musicians applying a level-headed control on the percussive clatter and the harmonious buzzes they elicit at various times, yet not once they reiterate fixed patterns or manifest rigidity in their marvellous expression. It’s a splendid album, a worthy representer of the high level of Mazen Kerbaj’s label.


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