HONG CHULKI – Without Cartridge, With Cartridge

(Balloon & Needle)

Why wasting nerves and energy arguing and fighting when you want to divorce? All’s needed is putting these two 3-inch CDs in the machine and press “play”. You’ll be left alone in seconds. Seriously, this is dangerous noise. Hong Chulki is a turntable artist, not in the vein of Philip Jeck, Janek Schaefer, Christian Marclay or Otomo. No, the only term of comparison here might (vaguely) be Ferran Fages, even if the Catalan improviser approaches his instrument a little less violently (at least as far as the final result is concerned). As the self-explanatory title reveals, Chulki divided his experimentations in separate units, one per mini-CD. “With” has to do with scratching sounds on vinyl, yet it seems that they were produced by a delirious dentist with a nuclear drill. “Without” is slightly more monotonous (ha!) but equally piercing, if not downright membrane-disintegrating. The Korean sonic terrorist amplifies everything he manages to capture until loudness becomes Bible. And you will be careful in avoiding headphones this time, because this stuff literally stings and bites. And is valuable, believe it or not (your ear specialist will confirm, after handing the bill).


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