(Self Release)

The ultimate companion to “Beech for John and Miho” (and itself another 150-copy edition CDR), this is a shorter but maybe even better example of Jonathan Coleclough’s capability as a sound assembler and dronescaper. Particularly beautiful is “Halant”, where Jonathan uses Alan Lamb’s wires to stunning results; the listener can’t help but being unbelievably attracted by something undescribable through sheer words. Suffice to say that I’m not feeling my body firmly anchored to the ground as it should be during the playback. The final track, “Beech” – of course not the same released in the namesake CD – is music standing halfway through different worlds, so concrete and austere in its conception, yet also so unusually deviant from the norm of today’s “low frequency navigators”. Once again, I can’t help but listen and remain silent; no hyperbole can do justice to this man’s work.