The fences are so high, you can barely see the sky; after the situation has been pondered there’s no way to escape. It’s better to concentrate and understand: behind the inside darkness, you’ll be able to listen to the mere flow of life. “Makruna” by Jonathan Coleclough is just a giant earthly heartbeat masked as an evil thunder; instead, it radiates vital particles constituting the essential vibration of the air we breathe. It’s a potent statement, even more concretely significant in relation to other masterpieces of this English sound crafter. The second half of this great CD presents the stratiform hermitage of “Minya”, a cross between the view of rubble in an abandoned city after a bombing and an almost holy vocal fleet, slowly turning towards electronic drifts. Through their peripheral yet seamless diffusion, these sounds renew Jonathan’s quest for tangible emotional ordeals, frosting this writer in front of his speakers, waiting for something to bring him back to real life; that something is the final tolling of a moribund bell, with strange voices underneath – an apt conclusion to an emotionally moving record.


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