(Sea Pool)

Originally published as an extremely limited edition CDR, this gorgeous release is finally seeing the light of officiality thanks to the Japanese Sea Pool label. A single, beautiful droning mantra – born from a 15 minute segment made for a private wedding CD – by the ever deep-digging Coleclough, whose sound sources are not revealed (like those who belong to the Ora/Mirror/Organum/Monos circle often do, for the better) even if one could guess that there are a lot of strings and bowed metals à la David Jackman. “Beech for John and Miho” is more consonant than Organum, though; its vibrating force can be thoroughly enjoyed at high volume in a large room, the body completely absorbed in the natural reverb of your place; nevertheless, this 74 minute piece can also work finely as a lower-volume soundtrack for mental abandon, that very moment in which you might want to shut everything (and everyone) else off your existence. There aren’t excuses to miss it, now.


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