Documenting solo, duo and trio settings this CD captures three of the most accomplished improvisers during exchanges and fluxes, each one – as usual – masterful in showing his capacities without sounding pretentious. Though not without lighter moments, I found the general atmosphere of this recording pretty inward-looking; Coxhill’s usual flutter is more down-to-earth as he tries to explore unknown aspects of his torrent of ideas. Paul Rutherford is really one in a million innovator; he comes out as the most fantasy gifted during the CD, his countless melodic ways always fascinating and inquisitive. Müller plays double bass with technique galore, his best moments when he arcoes his way through slow mournings, like sad considerations about world decadence. More a document than a real project, “Milwaukee” is nevertheless a high quality representation of different personalities trying to get some juice out of a somehow difficult context.