As quoted in the catalogue that comes with this disc, a debris field is “…a region where an accumulation of fragments or remnants of destroyed or broken objects is to be found”. “Debris field” was also a visual/sound exhibition that was located in Bolton Museum and Art Gallery, where the works of 13 multimedia artists (Max Eastley, Loren Chasse, Russell Mills, Julian Lees, Peter Oakley, Colin Potter, Phil Mouldycliff, Keith Rowe, Tom Phillips, Colin Fallows, Hugh Davies, Glenda Lees and Paul Mason) could be viewed and heard. The exhibition catalogue is soon to become a collector’s item, thanks above all to the gorgeous environmental/concrete soundtrack that the four above mentioned soundscapers realized, of which this CD contains an edited 48-minute version. The involved personalities are strong, but this work represents a perfect concoction of their respective peculiarities; the prevailing atmospheres range from low-rumble dominions to natural sounds, with beautiful birds and feet-on-the-ground rustling noise. The overall sense of solitude is enhanced by a balanced mix, which fuses all sources (including Potter and Rowe’s electronics) in an amalgamation of sensitiveness and suspension, the whole giving the idea of something very serious about to happen. This music sounds like the prelude to the fulfilment of a quest which is impossible to define conceptually; play “Debris field” continuously and get lost in this wonderful sequence of doubts about our very selves.


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