One thing’s for sure: Łukasz Ciszak is not a predictable musician, and he’s also one of the few names active in the area of “semi-quiet sonic terrorism” who’s able of fathering absorbing elaborations without recurring to cheap illusions, shocking images or fake iconoclasms. “Landmarks” consists of three tracks that often put Ciszak’s axes in good evidence, even more than he’s grown us accustomed to in his previous works. “Transition in patterns” begins with a mass of shrieking feedbacks that after a while implode into that world-famous definition of “ominous drone”, a disquieting feeling of menace under which various voices and signals can be heard. Over the distant echoes of an urban environment, a bleached guitar invites the listeners to get lost in a haze of industrial pollution and mind-numbing noise. Ciszak then introduces additional six-stringed improvisations whose stridency contrasts with the abnormal state of anticipation that they generate. “Rough circle” moves the air with distorted frequencies and nuclear winds that agitate an already tangible nightmare of inharmonic, non-tempered acidity, a convulsive trip through the viscera of idiosyncratic mayhem which terminates in a blissful rusting of the senses. The title track, contrarily to the others, starts pretty calmly – but never believe the weather report. An incessant mechanical rhythm takes command with growing intensity accompanied by unusual bleeps and hisses, the same voices coming out of the background once more, if only to give the faint idea of a still present humanity that is going to be radiated away by the evil nature of these spurious layers. A superimposition of jangling oblique loops adds a wry touch of dissent, barely repressed by last-minute electronic crescendos, until the sudden conclusion. Again, excellent stuff and, unbelievably for this genre, extremely emotional.


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