“Scored” for guitar, keyboards and percussion – even if it’s often pretty difficult to recognize them – “Field extension” is a 3-inch that once again testimonies about the creative fertility of Polish sound art/avant scene, of which Ciszak and Juchniewicz are two mainstays. Comprising a series of pretty short tracks whose prevalent atmosphere doesn’t leave any hope for blue skies and sun rays, the record is remarkably bewitching in its hypnotic chiming and metallic/electric nature. Most pieces profit by a single “minimal” idea’s maximum potential, according to a compositional philosophy that recognizes resonance – harsh or less – as a carrier of echoes in the listeners’ mind, whatever their anticipation might be. Everything melts into a remorseless coldness whose fumes are intoxicating but, at one and the same time, revelatory of new approaches to that difficult matter called “individual relationship with static improvisation”. I warmly suggest the use of the “repeat” mode to seriously penetrate the raw subtlety of this excellent music.