(Echo Music)

There are pretentious people all over the experimental music world, but Michael Chocholak doesn’t sound like one of them. Especially when listened at low volume in the early hours of the morning – and I strongly recommend to do it via speakers – “Hollow bodies” gives the idea of a pretty innocent try at guessing what lies behind the secrets of an audio cosmos which seems somehow reachable yet remains mostly undetermined. Synthetic shapes and hermetic encumbrances are all part of a game in which every pawn is entirely active, sometimes to the point of self-emphasizing their role almost in excess; matter-of-factly, the only defect perceived here is a slight overstaying of a few repetitive formulas, but luckily this doesn’t happen so frequently and the “plus” sides are vastly superior. What I really like instead is the way some of the electronic waves work amidst silences and slightly disturbed celestial moistures, organisms of effusive promiscuity glimmering in eccentricity. Some of the parallel courses depicted by these impressions are indeed engrossing: those are the very moments in which I think that Chocholak – if given the right opportunity and by removing some dead branch – is capable of giving us something even better than this artifact, itself already walking on steady legs.