MILTON CROSS – Light In The West

(Self Release)

A comprehensive showcase of the multi-faceted abilities of Milton Cross, who we recently met while reviewing “Santo Subito” on Accretions. “Light in the West” was recorded in 2005 using violin, harmonium, guitar and very discreet but effective field recordings, often perceptible only listening by headphones, case in point being the wonderful opening “It’s been almost a year”. Every track is a focused exploration of simple sources set into a mechanism of slow evolution, even when the sonic information remains quite basic (the guitar drowning in water sounds in “Slow footsteps kept me whole” and the metal – glass? – touches of “Passeriformes” come to mind). Violin and harmonium are treated and inserted into long looping circuits, in those instances nearing the music to Peter Wright’s drifting clouds of indetermination, while in “Old latitudes” an initial disaster of harsh guitars is finally silenced by a breathtaking humming drone. “Future ghost” ends this meticulous album with a gorgeous juxtaposition of bird calls, distant police alarms, human breath and a repeated suspended chord as beautiful as all the rest.


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