Brilliant trumpet & piano duo by a pair of Italian artists who have been working together for almost ten years, having had their fair share of excellent collaborations (Vinko Globokar, Zeena Parkins, Elliott Sharp, Jaap Blonk to name a few). Pianist and composer Miano lives in New York since 1993, while trumpeter Cosottini is a teacher of improvisation at the conservatory of Padua, Italy. The record is full of intense reflection, impulsive changes of mind, sinister small noises and, to end the whole in style, a beautifully melodic lullaby. Miano works a lot with the inside parts of the (prepared or less) instrument, at times recalling Keith Tippett in the use of bouncing metallic objects during the most concentrated arpeggios, contrasts between superimposed digital maneuvers and irritable, thudding low notes alternated to delicate touches of literate contrapuntal cleverness. Cosottini is one of those players who luckily tends to avoid sterile virtuosity, privileging instead the human factor of his timbre, often comparable to the voice of a wounded animal, even more frequently suspended halfway through a skeletal, hesitant explicitness and the will of joking, at any cost, with the sonic imagery just conjured up. The couple is not lacking in the sense of humour department, indeed; nevertheless, theirs is thoroughly serious music, replete with intriguing subtleties, still greatly fascinating after several consecutive listens.


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