NELS CLINE / JEREMY DRAKE – Banning + Center

(Experimental Musical Research)

When you’re down and troubled and need a helping hand, put “Banning + Center” in your CD player and prepare yourself to have your neuronal activity completely discombobulated. Recorded live at Line Space Line in LA (2005), this 32-minute improvisation finds Cline and Drake in full six-string terrorism mode; except for a few moments, every sound is deconstructed and overprocessed in a way that could cause some intervention by the League for the Protection of Guitars. Using an arsenal of effects and tricks, this duo goes for the listener’s jugular by raising waves of distorted rumbles and loops of untidy patterns sounding nearer to a factory production line than an instrumental exchange. Tenaciously grabbing each other’s figurative neck, these noise-slingers sound fascinatingly violent, yet their aesthetic maintains an articulated feel that highlights their technical ability quite nicely. One of those albums which won’t help social relationships in your condominium; even Carole and James would agree.


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