RICHARD CHARTIER – Further Materials


Anticipated as a follow-up to “Other materials”, published in 2002 by Richard Chartier’s own 3particles, this anthology congregates 10 compositions that – from that year until 2005 – graced rare or out-of-print compilations. This is a much appreciated modus operandi from this observer’s position; as a matter of fact, I’m not exactly affectionate with the “various artists” type of records, often muddling up precious music with unmemorable things thrown in as fillers instead of going straight to the trash bin where they belong. In Chartier’s case, the quality of each of his productions is well ahead of certain standards, so it’s good to be in the condition of opening our systems, once again, to the enticing permutations that this talented man persistently fabricates. The CD follows an appropriate logic of dynamics which places severe minimalism (read “pieces that need absolute silence, otherwise you won’t hear a thing”) at the beginning of the program, while the tracks erected upon reiterated appearances and imposing low frequency drones materialize towards the end, a work of art in that sense being “Improvisation_122904b”, formerly on “35 Mutant Seconds” by the Portuguese label Grain of Sound. That is the innermost episode in a faultless release which gives an accurate idea about the methods of one of the sharpest sonic architects around, for whom space and individual acuity should ideally belong to the same sphere. In the real world, a figment of imagination.


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