(Red Toucan)

Braida is a pianist from Milan who has played with a who’s who of international new music – Wadada Leo Smith, Peter Kowald, Wolfgang Fuchs, Alessandro Bosetti, you name them. De Joode is a Dutch bassist defined by his website as “a veritable research scientist of bass pizzicato and bowing techniques”. Surprisingly, this CD represents your reviewer’s first meeting with both artists’ expression. I found the music essentially elegant, at times even crepuscular, with enough doses of personal insights amidst a few influences that are not exactly marked in red. Apart from “Wadi” which lasts about 13 minutes (never boring, we should say), the tracks are mostly on the short side – which is a plus in my opinion: that way, the exposition of one or more concepts gets framed in a restricted time span, which usually makes for concise, incisive statements. Although there are several instances in which many notes are played, with or without the help of extended techniques, this duo never transcends the limits of good taste; petulant chatter this ain’t. No provisional remedies, only firm gestures; Braida and De Joode know what they’re doing, their experience attributing the material a “composed” quality that increases the pleasure of appreciation. Hospitable improvisations that don’t ask for our patience more than the strict necessary, worthy of consideration under any point of view. A nice album.


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