(N & B Research Digest)

This absurdist recital occurred during an event organized by Finnish anti-war groups on the United Nations Day, in which Helsinki is typically pulsating with pro-peace manifestations. Yet there is no trace of that feeling in the 35 minutes of this download-only release by Borisov and Nikkilä, who start off procedures with high-class funky muzak that gets rendered unrecognizable straight away, until it turns into a mash-and-jumble mega-cluster, a veritable bionic hotchpotch. The whole set appears like a descent to hell, as the music’s violent character – more or less repressed – little by little distances the listener from whatever bears a resemblance to an ordinary conception of “serenity”. Triturated rhythms, corrupted styles and acrid textures are elements in which the Russian/Finnish pair swims without difficulty, and it’s just logical that the noise factor gradually becomes fundamental in the economy of the exhibition, developing into a next-to-unbearable chaos at the end. In parallel with a silent TV screen, this could almost represent a soundtrack for the transition from despair to schizophrenia. Very well made, as we expect from this hard-nosed, uncompromising duo.


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