(N & B Research Digest)

This music is claustrophobic and disturbing; its heavy atmosphere touches your nerves even only through its presence. A sense of menace without an explosion hovers around; the recited Russian texts sound like the madman’s vision from a hill of an urban environment that’s reaching its last stop. Sound and noise are sapiently linked, like if they came out of a giant, constantly out of tune broken radio. Guitars are skeletal and detuned, too; a bass riff accompanies darkish vocals in something resembling a damnation. Sometimes the jumble of frequencies is so thick, your woofers would like to say goodbye and go relaxing somewhere else. Fractured pulses, powerful mixing, it all gets more obscure as the minutes flow. A perfect isolationist soundtrack, it’s also a very interesting broadcast of compressed rage and frustration, with a little humor brought by the sparse use of muzak loops.


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