ANDREW CHALK – Fall In The Wake Of A Flawless Landscape

(Three Poplars)

The challenge of producing one gorgeous album after another is no problem at all for Mr. Chalk, who in “Fall in the wake” applies his electroacoustic magnetochemistry to a profusion of mental trips to the land of nowhere. Starting as usual from complex frequency resonances, Chalk generates a kind of music which is mostly based on overtones and harmonics one would think as coming out of some Tuva singer’s throat, while instead they fall off storms of vibrating instruments that are better left as undefined. The record is fabulously engrossing in its perfect continuity to Chalk’s solo output. It is gifted with rare magnitude, sustaining the strong, consistent quest for an inner “something” we can just try to get a vague feeling of. It’s also the confirmation of a way of chipping sounds away at silence which is totally coherent with the minds operating under the guise of Ora, Mirror, Monos and their relative ramifications.


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