(Faraway Press)

Featuring Vikki Jackman on piano, the latest effort by Chalk is an album of “complex” ambient reverberations that was originally conceived as a soundtrack, then it gained its own independence. The vinyl comes in a stunningly elaborated package featuring the high quality artwork which Faraway Press is growing us accustomed to. The first half of “Goldfall” sounds like the music of a long dream, hazy visions and blurred luminescences surrounding our self; Chalk mixed the sound deliberately low and muddy, thus the sources remain virtually unrecognizable. The second section re-elaborates the same ingredients through additional processing: everything seems to flow in reverse motion, like a manipulation of our very memories in the vane attempt of retrieving the fragments of our past that we would like to live again, maybe to withdraw something wrong we said, or to have another try after realizing – only many years later – that the path we chose was not meant to be the one we’re travelling now. Andrew Chalk’s astonishing sonic visuals are the means to access the most impervious zones of our consciousness – but after listening, everything’s sense suddenly becomes clearer.


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