ANDREW CHALK – Shadows From The Album Skies

(Three Poplars)

This is not music, it’s rather a presage or a magic combination of spirit and research. Common knowledge is thrashed to ribbons: what remains is following new paths of harmonic sensitivity. Is it possible to litter the ground with sonic remnants of purposeful enlightenment? Yes, if your name is Andrew Chalk and you just made a decision to let a single chordal mantra express all that is within yourself at that moment. This silent prayer is resplending from the same sunlight you see refracted on the surface of an apparently immobile sea; knowing the origins of this sound, at least this time, is not necessary. “Shadows” is another example of the continuing effort by Chalk – alone or with Christoph Heemann in Mirror – to define the future of static soundscapes, occupying that extremely important land existing between non-artists and men on a mission; the latter’s goal is fusing themselves in absolute nothingness, while trying to bring positive radiance in our life, through a sad smile or by a record like this one. I can’t do much more than say “thank you”.


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