B.W.BIRD – Solo Duo Trio

(Stoat of Victory)

Bryan W.Bird – for his own admission – still believes in the “power of abstract”. This can be guessed from his self-made CD covers, which I dig a lot by the way, but – above all – from his music. He has a lot of different projects ranging from the “totally free” random electronics to looping nostalgic soundscapes. This very short record (33 minutes) was recorded one instrument at a time in several weeks, overdubbing improvisations on a multitrack recorder. Except for the presence of a drummer in the final two tracks, everything is played by Bird; I could not help thinking about extreme radical music such as Borbetomagus – a lot of raucous electric guitar screaming and arguing with a sputtering, free-flowing, really gorgeous saxophone; here and there, rare calm moments are abruptly swatted away by more raging distortion. Don’t be afraid to try; this is voracious music, highly energetic and fresh.


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