BIOSPHERE – Autour De La Lune


The first of the nine movements forming the skeleton of “Autour de la lune” is somehow deceiving: a very long repetition of the same electronic ripple which had me thinking along the lines of “Geir Jenssen goes minimalist”, pretty disorientating in regard to the total purity of the largest part of the following aural beauties. But – having been Biosphere a class act for many years now – one doesn’t need to wait too much to find a way through a mass of frequencies that are sometimes scarily powerful and all times absolutely mesmerizing like in the fantastic “Deviation”, a vibrational kneading on the cerebrum to which anyone who listens will become addicted in a matter of seconds and that puts most of the sacred cows of the “inner spirit department” to a heavy shame. At least 50 of the 75 minutes of this disc could be successfully used to cure nerve-related disorders; listening without headphones will add the resonance of walls and objects to something which – more than music – should be defined as evolutional phenomenon. When “Autour” reaches its conclusion, you’ll notice your cochlea has suddenly become thirsty, for this is a milestone of contemporary electronica.


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