BIRDSONG FOR SEWERS – Birdsong For Sewers


This is a duo project between Peter Wright and Uton, who divided their instrumental and recording duties and sent the reciprocal results to each other via mail. The music is fantastic; it has a tension building towards infinite that makes it shine brightly, even if most of the atmospheres are created through droning guitars, obscure looping and a thoughtful use of field recordings. The inexplicable becomes imagery, while the moaning of distant strings shifts the level of our conscience up to oblong figures of mistaken identities. The mind gets out of any known frame, avoiding the manipulations of many puzzling cerebral settlements to librate in open air, just content of being shipwrecked in opiate silences. Grounded on a cross of unapproachableness and sense of unstable gravity, “Birdsong for sewers” is another of those hidden masterpieces you’d better search with all your zeal; if I never had the pleasure of meeting the work of Uton until now, Wright confirms his undersung greatness once and for all.


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