BIRDSONGS OF THE MESOZOIC – The Iridium Controversy


Let’s just hope this absolutely perfect object guarantees more exposition and kudos to the band, one GREAT collective of REAL progressive music, if you ask me. Tying their instrumental knots with harmonic mastery in tapestries of lush arrangements, mixing every second like it’s their last chance to say something to the world, Lindgren, Field, Scott and Bierylo stamp their knowledgeable singularity on a healthy pinguidity of beautiful pieces. The senses are just iced over by the continuity of smart compositional devices that leave you almost breathless right away; just like self-collected sonic killers, Birdsongs seize a golden path until the definitive affirmation in the selective process my mind does when thinking to similar groups. Verily, an easy process: there’s no group like this one and their regal class should be peppered onto many technically-proficient kings of nothingness. Can someone say “a peremptory must”?


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