German imprint Nurnichtnur is one of those places where hidden genius and deserving unknown talents gather; when messages from that zone are received, the fun and liveliness of the improvised materials is all but assured. This particular group is formed by Georg Wissel, who plays prepared alto sax, obone (?) and a.o. (???), Srdjan Muc (electric guitars) and Róbert Rósza (no-input mixer, electronic), the latter two hailing from Serbia. The disc is divided in halves: the self-explanatory “Pieces and shortcuts” contains eight tracks whose length goes from 1’28” to 4’36”, while the “Zrenjanin suite” is made of different sections linked into a whole, yet sounding as fragmented and mangled as the previous ones. The trio explores different expressive areas with nonchalance, not really focusing on a subject but individuating a few nodal points around which they build a discourse that might or might not follow an immediate logic. Electronic sounds, scratched strings and squawking reed emissions gain a well deserved citizenship in magmatic cauldrons of inexplicably attractive music that just refuses to be classified. Piercing distortion is alternated to articulated chatter without noticeable problems, the artists willing to stay awake and conscious also in the moments where the sonic events flow in apparent full autonomy (yet they remain totally – and coherently – anarchic). Quirky and twisty, this CD is a nice surprise from three musicians demonstrating a much appreciated purity of vision and intents.


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