BONUS – Bonus

(Root Strata)

Bonus are Jamie Potter and Scott Goodwin, working with repetitive looping structures alimented by a mass of dirty, harsh, acrid electric emissions seemingly obtained through guitars and derivates (feedback manipulation, controlled saturation, or maybe none of the above – no explanation whatsoever is given). Except for a short introduction, two minutes of a fat, deep drone which gets cut abruptly, the music uncoils with metallic spirals of uneasy yet spellbinding magnetism that could be described as “early Main through the instrumentation of a punk band”. It’s surely one of those “no headphone” albums that gain momentum through the gradual diffusion in a room, as the particular beating of adjacent frequencies and no-nonsense dissonant waves progressively entice our attention, which focuses on the strange, formless regularity of these convolutions rather than the little imperfections and extraneous noises heard every once in a while; in a word, substance wins over production tricks.


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