BOURNE / DAVIS / KANE – Lost Something


In recent times the protagonist of a great piano duo, “Dismantling the waterfall” with Edition’s chief Dave Stapleton, Matthew Bourne is here in company of drummer and percussionist Steven Davis and bassist Dave Kane, both oddly featured as composers in the album, which Bourne – probably the most evident voice – is not. “Lost something” is fairly idiosyncratic indeed, alternating original material with covers of tunes by Annette Peacock, Carla Bley and John Surman, plus an unsettling version of Thelonious Monk’s “Round midnight” including stuttering babies and hysteric screaming. The atmospheric conditions seem to vary from a piece to the next: one moment we get dissonance a go-go, contrapuntal fusillades and cascades of uncontrollable notes, only to be subsequently treated with smoother amalgamations of characteristic jazz elements in the ensuing track. The record is a fascinating attempt to crack some rules of probability in a genre that’s progressively approaching clinical death, and just because of cultivated youngsters such as this trio’s members one can still look forward to hearing stuff fresher than the umpteenth revisiting of “Autumn leaves”. The unquestionably elevated technical level of the concerned parties doesn’t hurt in placing this music halfway through the reverence towards tradition and the will of subverting certainties without being automatically world-shattering. Entertaining enough for a series of dutiful listens, even though not a chef d’oeuvre.


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