The title suggests the record’s content, as this is a 2003 radio performance involving two duos in various combinations; Ross Lambert, Anthony Guerra and Michael Rogers play electric and acoustic guitars while Seymour Wright is featured on alto sax. The music is right in your face – no tricks or tactics, just the concrete movement of particles of strings and wood, at times mixing with Wright’s disembodied emissions of uneducated air. The overall sound reminds me very much of certain vinyl releases by Metalanguage in the late 70s/early 80s, the essence of a raw spirit hovering around free musicians looking to forget the rules they had learnt many years before. There’s a track where the squeaks and the clicks on the fretboard by one of the guitarists using a semi-distorted electric tone made me think to the immaterial courses of Pink Floyd’s “Interstellar overdrive”‘s central section. This is not an easily penetrable record – but it surely has a good degree of depth.


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