CELER – Ceylon

(Self Release)

Celer (which ideally should be pronounced “sle”) is the duo of Will Long and Dani Baquet-Long, working in the field of loop-based hypnosis and stationary electronica. Their releases are singularly designed and handmade with a die-cutting machine and satin finish paint (by Dani, who also adds some poetry in the inserts) so that each one constitutes a unique homemade art object. “Ceylon” comprises two segments: the first is the one-hour long title track, consisting in a hold suspended chord that I perceive as synthesized but, says Will, is indeed enriched by the presence of wind and water sounds. While many times I laugh at “meditations” made with a single note hiding a total poverty in terms of artistic meaning, Long chose a functional combination of oscillating waves that produce a warm resonance, thus giving a sense of movement to something that in essence is almost completely firm, avoiding tediousness in favour of a beneficial membrane rubbing that works quite well as an active background. “Mainenn” is even better, adding throbbing and wavering low frequencies to a murkier motionless harmony, but unfortunately lasts only 12 minutes. By inverting the track durations, this would have been nearly perfect; yet, despite these annotations, “Ceylon” remains a good album of static trance.


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