CELER – Sunlir / Scols

(Self Release)

Of the three releases that Will and Dani Long kindly sent me a while back, this double CD is undoubtedly the best. To answer the question “What kind of music Celer do?” you only need one word, and that’s “loops”. In about 150 minutes of music, 19 different loops are presented for your mental gratification and bodily relinquishment; and they’re not of the easy kind, those unbearable melodic cycles whose sentimental value is often overwhelmed by harmonic boredom. No, here Celer decided to let the “evil” overtones do the hard work almost everywhere, and it shows: clouds of malignant upper partials clash in the air, the unrecognizable sources and decidedly lo-fi recording quality contributing to an unclassifiable jumble of chordal disgregation (disclaimer: this music is NOT a clone of William Basinski’s “Disintegration Loops”, although one can detect slight traces of influence). It’s that kind of material in presence of which one must necessarily avoid both listening too closely – why try to unveil a mystery? – and using it as background wallpaper; you can’t enjoy your collection of beetles while “Scols” is playing. My advice: find a window, look at the traffic, at the passing people, at the sky. Better still, at the swaying branches of a tree. Remain there. You’ll notice something new even in the most common figures, as those perennial waves alter your concept of “sound perception”. Limited edition with unique artwork, follow the link and bother the artists: this time it’s worth doing.


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