CHRIS BURN ENSEMBLE – Horizontals White


Born in the late 80s, this group kept morphing, expanding up to 11 elements then reducing to 6 (like in this recording) and taking part to several live festivals and concerts. This particular incarnation consists of Burn plus John Butcher, Mark Wastell, Rhodri Davies, John Russell and Matt Hutchinson. Though fundamental colours like guitar, sax, piano, cello and harp are used, the music has a spacey “electro/metallic” quality that carries the players near territories not far from some Morphogenesis moment, only with just a touch of “lucid madness” in addition. What’s incredible here is the complete disintegration of the sources, as breathing, percussion and plucking become one – a creature suddenly waking up, looking herself in the mirror, her constitution continuously changing – and there’s no time for anyone to adjust their ears. The surprising quality of this ensemble’s vibe is a top asset; starting from near silence, Burn and his comrades take you by the hand and introduce a cauldron of tasty, unexpected flavours at the same time enforcing highly active listening.


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