Even in the unprejudiced areas of improvisation there is the possibility of meeting music which sounds either sterilized or filthy. This disc definitely belongs to the latter grouping, but at the same time fully justifies its name since it encloses several merciless outbreaks of exhilarating raw energy. The Borosque/Robert M. couple performs on electronics and computer, while Instagon are a quartet of bass plus metal percussion, keyboard, guitar and “turbntable” (sic). Two of the tracks, the most raucous ones, were captured live at Norcal NoiseFest 2006; the third is a “quieter” piece whose intimidating temperament is enough to keep our hands up at all times. Underlying the whole is Borosque’s “fear of madness and fear of death”, both presumably detectable in the work. In fact, relatives and friends might take nuttiness for granted should one manifest pleasure from listening to this album; let me stress, though, that the motivating factors largely exceed the bad vibrations. I mean, there’s stuff here that will make Merzbow jealous. Check “The blackness of dark space spyder dances with wisdom”: an absolute carnage of distortion and extra-squealing high frequencies that sent this sufferer reaching for the volume knob – repeatedly – during his Discman session. Instead, the opening title track somehow recalls a configuration typical of Elliott Sharp’s Carbon in its incessant rhythmic pattern, only with more anarchy and less compositional effort. Excellent CD for those who want to discover new gradations in what otherwise would be the “same old noise”.


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