Originally released in a smaller-than-small 30-copy limited edition, “Leaves” is one of those recordings destined, in a way, to split the sea waters – adore or ignore – yet the overall sensation transmitted to this reviewer is one of pleasant, tranquilizing company, even if I don’t really think of it as hall of fame material. Carchesio is mostly known as a visual artist (although he has already produced music of his own) while Craig is the more “official” musician of the duo; both are parts of The Lost Domain, an underground ensemble with several CDRs out. This release reminds me quite a lot of Darren Tate’s output on Fungal, with a slightly lesser intensity; recorded in a backyard, its instrumental sounds (mostly guitar, banjo, reeds and cheap keyboards) mix very well with the environment – wind, airplanes, cicadas and beautiful birds are very good reasons to appreciate this CD. The tracks consist of simple improvised melodies and arpeggios upon static keyboard figures, or basic free-form miniatures without excessive care about the technical aspect. It all feels just like it happened, two friends relaxing amidst the voices of that very moment of their life and who decided to share that fragment with more people. “Leaves” works well at not-too-high volume and is an unobtrusive, modest record which can help soothing your nerves. And you would never believe how cicadas can generate soft tinnitus when listened for long minutes…


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