F.S. BLUMM / LUCA FADDA – F.S. Blumm Meets Luca Fadda


Multi-instrumentalist Blumm and trumpeter Fadda recorded this long-distance artefact utilizing both regular and toy instruments for what the liners define as “light-hearted tunes”. Intermittently, the patterns and themes constituting the backbone of the pieces generate a bit of head-scratching. Taken as compositional ideas they don’t amount to an awful lot, yet manage to elicit some measure of cloudy tranquillity. The two longest tracks are built upon repetitive bass vamps and processed trumpet tones, which is a good thing when we deal with proper minimalism; here, the trick becomes a little worn out at the end. The deployment of toys as an orchestration tool is not really a new discovery, either. What’s appreciable instead is the non-invasive approach that the artists propose, their treatments of the basic materials as gently introverted as one might hope for. This music, at the same time unrealistic and meticulous, compares to watching an old photo album – a smile every once in a while, a tad of amazement when looking at how our physical features have changed. Then we close the book and it’s back to everyday life; and if nostalgia prevails, that’s a bad sign for your current frame of mind. Nice-sounding, innocent games for thoughtful children, it doesn’t go farther than this. Sipped at the right moment, it’s a pleasing listen anyway.


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