Recorded live in Montreal in 2005, this double CD presents about two hours of free music which, in many instances, sounds composed rather than improvised. Carrier is among the most important virtuosos from Canada, a talented Quebecoise saxophonist whose influences find their roots in a span between Eric Dolphy and Ornette Coleman, with an eye on intercultural dialogues. Throughout the set, he plays with composed attitude, his phrasing energized by Mat Maneri (viola), Uwe Neumann (sitar, sanza, ektara and Indian talking drum), Pierre Côté (double bass) and Michel Lambert (drums). This quintet carries a distinct collective vibe which is quite reminiscent of the many explorations of new languages that were typical of the sixties and the seventies, revolutionary discoveries at that time but still very palatable today, especially considering the exquisite technical finesse of the involved musicians. Speaking of which, a special mention goes to Maneri, whose viola really connects with something different than “jazz”, and Neumann, his exotic percussive arsenal the medium for a relaxing flight through sensations and flavours that constitute the skeleton of these methodical revisions of times that won’t be back.


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