This set of electroacoustic improvisations is dedicated to the late Matthew Sperry, who died in 2003 after being hit by a truck while on his bycicle. Sperry’s work on double bass is as important as the other four voices in this lively quintet, where he and Brand (trombone), Perkis (laptop), Robair (assorted percussion and objects, horns) and Shiurba (electric guitar) act as a group of difficult kids conspiring against school teachers and – thanks to their well evident bright-mindedness – get them crazy with cruelly studied jokes masked by false serious intentions and poker-faced bogus concentration. Following the canon of the album title, all the tracks are baptized with a famous model’s name repeated twice – “Naomi Naomi”, “Twiggy Twiggy” and so on. I’m quite sure, though, that if ever Cindy Crawford or Elle Mc Pherson give this album a try, they will rather look like Marty Feldman right after. Volatile, fantasy-full, concrete yet uncatchable (and, for someone whose ears are still full of easy-melody wax, probably undesirable), this music succeeds in what Gino Robair auspicates in the liner notes, namely getting to the loved point “where it’s difficult to tell which instrument is playing at any given time”.