Concentrating his research on compressed data, frequently derived from ads contained in old CD-ROMs (those were the times…), Gregory Büttner created a variegated series of interesting electronic pieces, three of them pretty short, the fourth lasting over 10 minutes. Muffled voices, metallic ringing, psychoacoustic effects deriving by atypical concurrences of frequencies, aquatic bubbling and background microcosms: there’s a lot to be found in this music, which manages to convey a basic sense of equanimity after all. The composer has an aptitude for finding the precise moment in which an emission must appear, evaporate or – like in the longest track “Banking7” – remain centre stage. We could make a case of “nothing particular yet we miss it when it’s gone”, as the wrapping qualities of these sounds create a much welcome unperturbed infatuation. A full-length release moving around the same coordinates wouldn’t disappoint.


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