HEDDY BOUBAKER – Lack Of Conversation

(Creative Sources)

“A print of spacial breath into organic wet cavities” is one of the definitions of this work, and it’s a good one; but there is much more to savor here, as “Lack of conversation” is an excellent solo saxophone excursion in which the relationships between fluid and pneumatic emissions of the human body interacting with a reed instrument yield results that go further than usual in this kind of art. In Boubaker’s playing – which, it must be said, was magnificently recorded for the occasion – the metal parts of his “machine” are more resonating devices than sheer components of an instrument (he also uses cans for that scope). Most tracks contain an abundance of euphonious intelligibility; we’re talking more or less of what Arnold Schönberg had predicted in his “Harmonielehre”, namely variations of the consistence of the harmonics contained by the “object”, which in this case includes human apparata. In easier terms, Boubaker sounds like a host of seals, like water bouncing in a pan left in the sink, like the consequences of ashtma – listen to his fat multiphonics and then tell me – or even like the heavy breath of a woman about to deliver. And then again, many more resemblances. He’s a one-of-a-kind virtuoso, one of the best sax dissectors I’ve had the luck to meet recently. This album represents a ticket to several enticing moments of naked instrumental truth and comes absolutely recommended, like all of Creative Sources’ best releases – that means the large part of the catalog.


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