HEIMIR BJORGULFSSON / PIMMON / HELGI THORSSON – Still Important Somekind Not Normally Seen (Always Not Unfinished)


It takes a while to fully enjoy this recording, which is best appreciable if you listen to it on shuffle play mode: that way, the “out of tune TV” effect of this schizophrenic enigma will show its complete efficiency. A complete lack of communication is reconfigured through an apparatus of strange codes, each one looking for uncommon expressions and non conventional coupling with other weird physical manifestations. The three artists do a “catch-them-all” kind of electronic trawling, mixing silences and distortion, fragmentations and ironic looping, aleatory phases and algesic acousmatic shapes that rarely touch my heart but, for sure, stimulate my attention. Robert Hampson edited the whole show, recorded in Holland in 2002, but don’t think this could even remotely sound like a Main record.


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