JOHN BUTCHER / CHRISTOF KURZMANN – The Big Misunderstanding Between Hertz And Megahertz


Butcher and Kurzmann have a strong reputation in the field of exploration of that micromolecular matter surrounding the fundamental elements of a sound. This distinction is reinforced by this straight-looking, honestly deep album, which sees them improvising on the verge of those harmonic phenomena that have to be cultivated in the most hidden parts of an instrument (in this case, Butcher’s saxophones) possibly with the help of intelligent treatments and expansions – enter Kurzmann’s “Lloopp” computer software, which he uses together with a pickup (and, not surprisingly, there are several pieces here that sound like a distorted duel of defaced guitars). The borderline analysis carried on by the couple yields its best results when the crumbling of timbral certainty originates a thorough reconstruction which is as transitory as a flashback can be. Butcher’s whirling meta-phrasing and ever-impressive knowledge of the sax mechanics allow him to highlight many eventful successions while maintaining an attentive look over a quite familiar continuity, bird-like harmonics and metallic wet kisses mixing with hypotheses of new energies in membraneous vibrations. On his side, Kurzmann creates circular backgrounds and extreme interconnections among the viscera of a pretty complicated loop multiplicity, erasing any potential egotism while allowing the music to reach distant suggestions and fleshy proximities. Assertive enough to claim its space in your life at any moment, this balanced conversation is another fulgid example of the dedicated discernment that Butcher and Kurzmann have always featured in their research.


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