It will be extremely difficult finding somewhere else such a passionate, involving music at the same time so carefully detailed and, dare I say, elegant. Butcher’s saxophones seem to contain strange ideas in their own body; John is always ready to build cathedrals upon them, he’s able to raise a hell of multiphonics and shower us with impossible melodies but, in the very next minute, he’s putting a lump in your throat with some of the most lyrical chants since John Coltrane’s masterpieces. A real giant of the instrument, continuing on his road to the top of the improvising community which, I’m sure, will recognize him a great in less than no time. Even the birds around my house seem to appreciate his playing (no kidding). On his side, Edwards is a perfect companion, completely at ease with both arco and plucking techniques, not to mention alternative approaches, his beautiful sound never trying to rape but always caressing the beauty of the very moment. Edwards gives a good dressing down to most soloists, while satisfying the listener’s hunger for serious talent. In a word, hats off.


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