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“Concentric” is a gathering of high-energy improvisations, four tracks captured live in Oslo in 2001 that show many different angles of Butcher’s playing, here often more concrete and corporeally articulate than in his most recent output, where the extreme borders of the relationship between instrument, body and environment are masterfully trespassed. He and Nilssen-Love work splendidly together, the drummer approaching his comrade with fibriform figurations that never betray the original goal, that of mixing two different schools of musical conception to find out, with a certain degree of anxiousness, the potentially explosive outcome. The couple seems to wander around parallel definitions, each with his own background coming out in spurts to loot ideas from the Gnome of Jazz Boredom’s sack. They decide to remain in the realm of extroverted stimulation, apparently content of reciprocally affirming their own idiosyncrasies, Butcher mixing strident lines, inhuman overacute frequencies and nuclear salivation, Nilssen-Love using his drum set like a chef does with different sizes of pans, his percussive derivations regrowing within astutely complex settings. What transpires is an idealistic instrumental iconography where every certainty falls apart under a continuous process of hook-and-liberate-the-listener that leaves everything unsolved, the conclusion finding us puzzled and perplexed – which is usually a good sign.


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