JOHN CAGE – One7 [From One13] / One8


This is one of the most “reductionist” releases of John Cage’s music from his late years, a perfect trait d’union between the visionary yet contemplative kind of minimalism of the American composer and the incessant quest for reticence that many new music artists are undertaking during this decade (in this instance, Nikos Veliotis comes to mind). These first recordings of Cage’s final works for cello, played by a soloist who wishes to remain anonymous, show both a strong mark of integrity and the representation of an organism emitting its last spurts of energy before sailing to the unknown; while “One7″ is all consisting of timbral variations on a single note – also being a challenge to our perception of broken silence – the masterpiece here is “One8″: chords made of frail harmonics, ghost tones and a hopeless tendency to disgregation are held for long moments of enlightenment, delivering us from any asynchronism to bring the sensation of being lifted to a far superior level of discernment.


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