JON BRUMIT – Vendetta Retreat


The link between understanding a music piece in its depth and simply enjoying its content as pure listening pleasure is subtle, and not necessarily the key to decode the complex personality of Jon Brumit, who makes music which is at one and the same time pretty violent and gifted with a strange fascinating consonant complexion, mostly born from brilliant looping and flamboyant layerings of guitar riffs, sonic detritus, long silences and cascades of drums. Another interesting aspect of “Vendetta retreat” is a surprising dynamic game played with the volumes in the mix by Jon (mostly evident in the gorgeous “Good life”) which kicks our previously established connection to his strata of harmonically repetitive patterns that seem to welcome us at first, then throw us in the middle of a mayhem where echoes of the Residents (“Invisible/Hu/Man”) and motives sounding like a second-hand Alan Parsons Project get masterfully intertwined with something like a blown-up version of Glenn Branca, everything rolled by a machine that mashes emotional strategies. A great album, whose conceptual continuity is also its strongest asset – and which leaves a sour taste at the end.


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