Consisting of Albrecht Maurer (violin), Katrin Mickiewicz (viola) and the leader on double bass, the Kent Carter String Trio shines through nine sensitive pieces (three written by Carter, one each by Maurer and Mickiewicz and four collective ones). Understanding what’s scored and what’s instead improvised is quite difficult, as everything sounds extremely arranged even in the most undescribable sections. There are lots of directions one can look to, minimalism and a sort of “modern baroque” being a couple of them; yet, the elegant eloquence of these tracks sets a very high standard, which is all the more appreciated given the absolute lack of pretentiousness and pomp characterizing the playing. Delicately melancholic themes and Reichian tapestries enrapture through their sheer exquisiteness; dissonant pluralities and almost sorrowful counterpoints ask for some space in the silence of apparently wasted autumnal afternooons. Carter, Maurer and Mickiewicz are linked by an invisible thread which gives their music its coherence, making them sound always conscious of what happens to the others despite the fact that they’re completely absorbed by the very same incantations they create. “Intersections” is a splendid album, one that instantly captures your attention yoking it to the seductive power of its adamant beauty. As far as I’m concerned, it’s one of 2006′s best releases and comes very highly recommended.


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