(Red Toucan)

Bruckmann, a classically trained oboist and English horn player, composed “Wrack” as a means to work at the junction of styles and genres he’s interested in, which of course include improvisation. Leading a quintet with trombone, viola, percussion and bass, Kyle ranges from polyrhythmic fantasies to slow, sad themes made out of dissonant relationships, sometimes leaving a bit of reins to allow his comrades to assume a more confrontational stance in “free” contexts. “Wrack” is carefully conceived and played with attentive passion; it’s a record in which there isn’t a predominant character or artistic influence – nevertheless you can feel Kyle’s love for XX century composers: he quotes Bartok, Messiaen, Stravinsky and Webern in his notes, I also detected some Charles Ives here and there…you get the picture. The overall judgement remains definitely positive.