The ColourDome is an installation by Peter Jones, an inflatable structure consisting of a series of coloured tunnels leading to a transparent dome “where the magical inner world of colour meets the real world outside”. Lawrence Casserley (signal processing) and Simon Desorgher (flute and bass flute) have been working “in and around” the ColourDome since the early 80s, both as a duo and in collaboration with other illustrious performers. The recordings contained by this CD were made in 2006 in Exeter, the participants for the occasion being Evan Parker (soprano sax), David Stevens (computer processing) and Philipp Wachsmann (violin). The main criterion behind the abstract formulas conceived by these artists is the sampling and reshaping of small particles of instrumental phrases, reproduced in a sort of environmental amorphousness that swallows the visitors’ voices while generating the almost transcendental “nothingness” that the ColourDome’s particular shape facilitates, rendering the timbres more like the manifestation of a blurred thought than the result of the players’ original intention. It’s difficult, yet stimulating music that can even be enjoyed as a mind-filler when the eyes are concentrated on something else (yes, my old trick of listening to EAI while watching a muted TV still works) but, above all, a precious documentary about the activities of a group of clairvoyants who, just like children do, try to convince us that there are many surprising tones that are worth discovering, our depressing retrogression to the lowest grounds of human reason notwithstanding.


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