(A Question Of Re_entry)

A nice item under the guise of a DVD that presents saxophonist Lucio Capece in two video extracts from different performances, the first recorded in Berlin in 2006, the second in Buenos Aires the year before. In the former, Capece exploits the ambience’s hush and his own acoustic devices, which include selected plastic boxes, sawed-off cans, a vibrator, several mouthpieces and various gadgets, to offer an essay of single tones alimented by knowledgeable circular breathing techniques, a minimal improvisation that shows the player’s ability to extract juices even from apparently meaningless gestures. It’s a good occasion for people who can’t watch these things live to finally comprehend how artists of this caliber generate those unconceivable sounds that on record are only vaguely imaginable. In the Buenos Aires performance, Capece uses a mixer and saxophone feedback for his needs; beware, though – Graham Halliwell’s slight undulation it ain’t. The music is indeed a torrent of noise and harsh dissonance, the artist causing the most unbearable squeals following an involuntary choreography during which he walks around the site, bending the saxophone to find new ways of altering the normal perception of its timbre. It’s difficult to digest but rewarding nevertheless, probably a little more than the Berlin track despite a mere 10-minute duration. In both cases, the camera work is pretty rough, yet it looks perfect for the raw energy that Capece is able to conjure up from his excursions.


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