A limited edition of 350 copies coming in a vellum and cardstock package (four different kinds of prints exist), “Untitled, or not yet” is a set of thoroughly interesting restful improvisations for contrabass, Theremin, alto sax, voice, objects and electronics. The recording was made in 2003 but the tapes have been languishing in a vault for years, and it’s a good thing that we’re now able to enjoy the strength of this material. The artists first met in 2001, playing in an art gallery “where Christina Ricci was the matron saint”, then tried again to let their timbral fumes come out at a club named The Smell, where they were more or less erased by a hard-pumping salsa ensemble from a nearby restaurant. Home sweet home is, incontrovertibly, the perfect listening site for this conglomerate of long tones, unhurriedly succeeding thumps, light whispers, tampered things. The players show a predilection for the rarefied side of the matters, Bullock often joining Gross’ held notes with his arco, both expanding the music’s sense of insinuation by steering clear of the excesses of fragmentation in favour of conditions of near-trance. Coleman’s Theremin supplies a slight measure of contrapuntal divergence, while Roden’s sighing attendance is also an aide-memoire of a manifest humanity. In this instance, the old commonplace “music that breaths” works just fine.